Oregon Strippers Lobby for Better Work Conditions (Yahoo)


The latest publication to pick up the story regarding rights for strip club industry workers (and the steps being taken by Elle, and others, to draft legislation) is none other than Yahoo News. Check it out:

SALEM, Ore. (AP) - Any tourist guide to Portland will tell you about the strip clubs.

There are dozens of them, something for any taste or any neighborhood, helped to ubiquity by Oregon's fierce protection of free speech.

Tired of watching well-meaning strangers impose their own visions for improving the plight of the dancer, some of Portland's seasoned strippers are working directly with state lawmakers and professional lobbyists.

Around the country, strippers have stepped up their fight for better working conditions. Some are suing. Others have filed complaints with state regulators. A handful have unionized. But the effort in Oregon to work directly with the Legislature - with the support of lobbyists - is unique.

"The hardest part about being a stripper is battling the stigma that we are victims that need help from outsiders," said Elle Stanger, a stripper who's been active in the movement. "It doesn't matter if you work in education, clergy, any kind of blue collar work - the people who do the work know what the work environment needs."

Stanger has worked her entire five-year career at the Lucky Devil Lounge. She's pleased with the management, she said, and isn't concerned she'll face retaliation for speaking publicly. But as the assistant editor of Exotic Magazine, a local publication for the sex industry, she's seen plenty of clubs. They're not all as great as hers.

You can read the whole article at Yahoo News.

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