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At just twenty-one, porn actress Bonnie Rotten has stacked up an incredible litany of industry accomplishments. Winning multiple awards, such as Starlet of the Year, Scene of the Year, Female Performer of the Year, she also has dipped her toes into the mainstream, appearing with comedian Doug Benson in his video podcast, and music videos by The Weekend and Nick Jett of Terror. For Exotic Magazine, the tattooed, brunette beauty talks about butt-fucking, politics and female ejaculation.

Have you ever visited Oregon before?

I have no been there yet. Yeah, I live in LA.

And you are coming to PDX for a pole dancing tour?


Were you a stripper before you began doing Porn?

I was a stripper for six months before I got in to porn.

How long have you been in the adult industry?

Three years altogether.

I recall that there was a proposed bill in California, which would have mandated the use of condoms in porn, what did you think of that?

We have such a regulated testing system; we don’t need that. When you go to some sets, you have the option to use a condom, or to not use a condom. As a performer, I get tested every twelve days, and I don’t have sex outside of the industry.

So your sex partners tend to be your peers and coworkers?


And it’s probably really rapid testing,

Yeah, you get the results the next afternoon. It’s blood and pee test, every twelve days.

These are the things people don’t think about.

They don’t. On top of it, as a producer, there is an online database that will list which performers are safe to work, or not. You can go online, and look up each performer.

Who pays for the testing? Production companies?

The performer pays for it.

So, the bill was overturned, in an alternate situation, how do you hypothesize that it would have affected the industry?

Here’s the thing, people are always going to shoot without condoms. They are. They’ll find away to do it. We all test. If you’re clean when you go to set, you don’t need a condom. Nobody likes condoms. Me as a performer? I hate them. Nobody LIKES condoms. When you work with certain condom-companies, it’s very uncomfortable. You’re doing anal, you’re doing DP, and the condoms are irritating to the skin. On top of that, what does a condom really do? Tell us that you don’t have to be tested or clean? Just throw a condom on a jump in the scene? It’s basically saying to us that we aren’t responsible; if the condom breaks, there’s an STD. Besides, the guy has to pull the condom off to cum on your face. That defeats the purpose anyway.

I believe it was Nina Hartley who described "condom burn".

Yeah. Think about a giant dick, with a tight condom wrapped around it, banging a girl, and you have to do it for forty five minutes. That’s uncomfortable for the dude. You have to keep pulling it down, you have to keep hard.

Well , it’s a good thing that bill didn’t pass. Do you film only in California?

California, Vegas, some people shoot in Florida; there’s some companies there. I’ve shot in Europe a lot.

So you get to travel a lot?


I recently heard an outside-of the industry opinion that more porn is shot in Florida than in California now.

California is the hub. But I recently heard that we won’t even be able to shoot in Florida, I heard that it won’t be legal. That porn will be prohibited to shoot. I don’t know exactly why, it’s a rumor lately.

Is that local politics?


So what’s your favorite type of set to work on? Storyline, fetish, or—? I saw a vampire themed teaser that you were in, every time I would go online to jerk off. That’s how I knew it was October.

(Laughs) That’s awesome. I do pretty much everything. But my favorite is gonzo. It’s purely about hardcore sex, hot outfits, great makeup. You get in, you don’t have to think about anything, you pause to do photos, do a tease, and boom you’re done.

It seems like that would be on the lower budget end, because there’s no script or elaborate setup.

It can be, but honestly, gonzo can cost more than the features.

How is that possible?

Because of what they are paying for. Gonzo is all about hardcore, so you have girls that do anal, DP, double anal, double-vag. That stuff isn’t cheap. You gotta pay for all for this crazy talent, and then you have to have quality dudes, that can carry the scene.

Do you any people you prefer to work with?

I have a list of my favorites to work with: Ramon, Karlo Karerra, Toni Ribas, Jordan Ash, and Rocco Siffredi. As far as girls? I don’t work with a lot of girls. But Skin Diamond is my favorite.

So you’re a squirter, right? I feel like, in porn, squirting got really huge like ten years ago...

Yes! With Flower Tucci, and Cytherea.

And then it kind of faded away as a porn trend, and still a lot of people don’t think that female ejaculation is real.

I just kind of think that it’s good to have the people who don’t think it’s real. Everybody is going to have their own opinions. Just watch and tell me if I’m cumming or not. You can tell when I’m cumming. I specialize in anal and squirting.

I think, as people, as sexually active, progressive women, we’re always changing and learning about ourselves, and you, having been in the industry three years, can you think of anything that you learned about yourself in that time?

I didn’t even know how to enema before getting in to the industry.

Really? And that’s anal prep?

You do enemas for anal and vag, depending. There’s so many people who blah blah blah, say, "I could do this." No man, you don’t even know. This isn’t my time in the bedroom. This is my career.

How long would you like to be in the industry?

I want to be in this industry, until I die. Not performing only. But I’ll perform as long as I love it, and direct and produce later. I have my production company, MentalBeauty, Inc. I just revamped my website, you can find my touring schedule on there. And I’m booked until September 2015.

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