University Of Nebraska Research Study: Adult Children Of Exotic Dancers

Research study seeking participants: was your mother/step-mom a stripper during your childhood/youth?

Talk to Sarah Erwin, who is the researcher and an adult child of a stripper. Sarah is studying this because nobody ever has; participants can enter to win a $25 gift card. Do it for science!

Here is more information, according to the PDF with a description of the research study:

At any time when you were a child, did your mother (or step-mother) work as an exotic dancer? If so, you are invited to participate in a research study. This study examines the experience of having a parent who worked as an exotic dancer, including issues related to educational attainment, employment, gender identity, and health and well-being. Participants will be eligible for a lottery drawing to win one of two $25 Visa gift cards. All information will be confidential.

About the researcher:

I am a PhD candidate at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in the department of Child, Youth, and Family Studies. I am particularly interested in the developmental outcomes of adult children of exotic dancers as no prior research has been conducted with this hidden population. On a personal note, I am an adult child of a mother who worked as an exotic dancer. Participation in this study will take approximately one to two hours. Interviews will be completed in person or online through Zoom video conference meetings. The results of this research would provide data to better understand the experiences of individuals who have grown up with a parent working as an exotic dancer. For example, I anticipate that the findings from this study could provide guidance for agencies providing services to women in the commercial sex industry and their families, or in a counseling setting. Please forward this announcement to anyone you think may be eligible and interested in participating. Contact information for the researcher is below. Please email, text, or call to set up a time for an interview.

If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact me as well.

Sarah is very kind and respectful. Email her at

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