Body Chain (Unbound)


My latest prose has been featured at Unbound, a magzine started by "a group of New York City gals who wanted to make sex better for women." Here is Body Chain...

"Come here. I have something for you."

He stood by the bedroom door. Overhead, the ceiling fan whirred softly. I stood before him, the baby hairs of my forehead moving gently against my brow. My silk robe concealed the delicate golden chain that pressed my nipples, pressed my clitoris.

He shut the bedroom door, with two clicks. He moved toward me, with two steps. I raised my hand to halt him, "I need you to do exactly what I say, alright?"

He paused, raised an eyebrow. Nodded. Good boy.

"I’m wearing something. I need you to be very, very gentle. If you’re not gentle, we can’t play. Do you understand?"

I raised my fingers to my collar bone and swept my robe aside. The cool air hit my breast in waves, whir whir whir went the fan. A gold chain, hooked neatly to a gold clamp. His eyes widened, he licked his lips and curled and uncurled his fingers at his sides, shifting his weight where he stood.

"This is how you remove it, but you don’t get to remove it. Not yet."

I kept my eyes on his face, my two hands sliding the circular loop up and down the clamps, feeling the pressure on my left nipple increase and decrease.

"I’ve tightened it to my liking, I am going to lie down, and you are going to pull the chain on the middle of my body. I want to feel the metal on my skin, I want to feel myself pull nearer to you, just slightly. Do not pull hard. This is not for pain, this is for my pleasure."

He understood and I trusted him. I moved to the bed and he lowered himself at my side. I took a deep breath. My breasts rose and fell. Fingertips on my sternum. His hands found the delicate chain and slid underneath it. Up and down, along the length of my torso.

My breath wavered and the beads of my center felt a gentle tug. I trusted him. "I trust you," I whispered with my eyes closed.

"Mhmm," was his only reply. The roughness of his fingers slid across my skin, lower and lower to the place where the clamps squeezed my most delicate flesh.

Role reversal. It was time for me to relinquish control. I liked it this way. This big man who had never done me wrong, was a gentle giant with a quiet voice and a heavy brow. Dark eyes and strong hands... Suddenly a jolt of electricity shot up my spine and between my breasts and I gasped for air, he must have tugged quickly on the short chain. I felt myself widen, open up, and a warmth of wetness spread between my legs. I was moaning—it was bursting out of my core and out of my mouth and past my lips.

Then a blanket of quiet rested upon me. His palm was flat upon my mound.

Deep breath in, deep breath out. I told myself these things as my heart beat in my ears.

"Good. That was a good start. Keep breathing, my love. We are just getting started."

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