\ Stripper Writer - 2nd Annual Thanks-Stripping - Friday, 11/25 (Portland, OR)


2nd Annual Thanks-Stripping - Friday, 11/25 (Portland, OR)

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I will be donating every single dollar that I receive on stage, the night of Friday, November 25th, at Lucky Devil Lounge, to Planned Parenthood.

I call it "ThanksStripping", and it’s how I show my appreciation to all of you who support my livelihood and my work.

In light of the current electoral threats to public access to sexual health, let’s help fund one of the largest providers of safe-sex education, birth control planning, and wellness screenings.

Abortion accounts for only about 2% of PPs services, although I wager that the needs for pregnancy termination will see an increase over the coming years, since our President elect’s public displays of misogyny has increased the likelihood of sexual assault.

Sigh. Let’s fight back

Date: Friday, November 25
Time: 9pm-2am
Venue: Lucky Devil (Portland, OR)
Address: 633 SE Powell Blvd.

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