Slutwalk Portland 2018—Sunday, September 9th!


Our yearly peaceful demonstration against rape culture takes place on Sunday, September 9th at 3pm at Park Ave and SW Salmon St. in downtown Portland, Oregon. I have been a co-organizer of Slutwalk Portland since 2014, along with my two queer femme sex working support sisters, Sterling Clark and Sophia St James.

Slutwalk began in 2011 in Toronto, when a law enforcement officer speaking to a group of mixed gender college students stated that, "women could avoid being raped if they would stop dressing like sluts." Health and safety officials have known for years that most women are assaulted by their so-called friends and acquaintances and that most children who experience sexual violence do so in the home and before the age of sixteen. Clothing doesn‘t matter. And the people who have less systemic power in our society are less likely to see justice when they are hurt or targeted by sexual violence. Trans people, Black and Latinx and other People of Color are constanty scapegoated and harshly criminalized by our current justice system. And all of us are under danger from the Trump administration, and we need to do more than march in the streets.

This year Slutwalk Portland is proud to host a voter registration signup just in time for the Oregon general elections. Young people entering politics are the best hope we have for securing a more worker-friendly future. Access to sexual education and art is important, and with recent legislation that endangers free speech such as FOSTA and SESTA, we must encourage voters to tell their representatives what we want, and to show up to make some change in our powers that be. Join us Sunday, September 9th!

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