Slutwalk 2018 (Portland, OR)


Thank you to everyone who made Slutwalk Portland 2018 possible.

We gathered at 2pm at the PSU Park Block and Salmon St, on September 17, 2018. The men and women and people who came out to protest systemic rape culture and racism did a beautiful job of joining together as community. I saw little boys and girls making signs that said, "respect my body, respect my choices." I saw one stranger pushing the wheelchair of another. I saw people in tears during our speakers. I saw hugs and kisses, all of them consensual and loving.

Our Sponsors: Kiska, Sex Positive Portland, Champagne Room Galleryand SPEEC.
Our Peacekeepers: Jasper Phillips, Tyler Bearfist, Eric Arndt, Scott Shanks, Lucas Littlefield.
Our Volunteers: Grace Rascher, Jason Savage, Kenneth Barton, Eric Stopke, Jon Spectre, Vanessa Rieken and so many more!
Our Medic: Adam Tischmak.
Our Speakers: Kat Salas, Carlene Ostedgaard, Chris Ettrick.

It was a challenging year, but we were safely able to come together and move our bodies collectively in a space that allowed us to shirk the popular narrative of gender roles and sexual shame.

Thank you for supporting inclusivity and a better future for all of us.


It’s that time again! Once yearly in Portland, people of all ages, genders, races, and presentations take to the streets to speak out against rape culture, sexism, whorephobia, and bigotry. Here are a few of our most frequently asked questions. Portland Slutwalk is taking place September 17 @ 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm at the South Park Blocks in Portland, OR, this public, all-ages event is open to all.


Slutwalk is an international movement that began by a group of Toronto college students in 2011, in response to a speech given by a Canadian police constable, who stated, "Women could avoid being raped if they would stop dressing like sluts." His statement evoked a worldwide response to this statement and to this attitude in general: clothing is not an excuse for assault or harassment.


We are organized by queer sex workers Sterling Clark, Sophia St James, and Elle Stanger. We are supported by countless volunteers.

Is it women-only?

No! Slutwalk Portland believes that men are equally important in the fight against rape culture and victim blaming, because men perpetuate much of the harm, and are also victims of this culture. We welcome people of all genders, and we support consent education in children at an early age.

What should I wear?

Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable, happy, or safe. People have attended and marched while fully nude, other people wear party clothes; I usually wear the last thing I was wearing when I was catcalled, or maybe a nifty sweater.

What safety precautions do we have at the event?

During the march we will be guided by our volunteer Peacekeepers, who will be clearly marked in pink peacekeeper shirts, and by a Portland Police Bureau presence. In prior years, these two groups have worked as an excellent barrier to the handful of protestors that will definitely tell you "you’re a whore/cuck who is going to hell with AIDS." Slutwalk is a peaceful demonstration, but human sexuality is a highly charged topic in a public setting, and Slutwalk Portland cannot make a guarantee of personal safety.

Can we bring signs?

Yes! Please bring any of your unique art and verbiage to Slutwalk! "Consent is not a radical concept" "Even my dog understands what No means", and "My clothing is not my consent" are some favorites from last year.

Get more information at Sex Positive World, or RSVP via the Slutwalk 2018 Facebook Event Page (must be logged in to FB)

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