How Sex Workers Are Fighting Back Against Trump (Rolling Stone)


Recently, the Rolling Stone covered the topic of sex workers responding to Trump's presidential win. Of course, Elle Stanger was quoted in the article, here is a snippet:

Portland stripper and single mom Elle Stanger pointed out the contrast between her profession and an hourly, minimum-wage gig. A former grocery clerk herself, she's acutely aware of how little time and money many working-class people have—and she’s grateful for the extra cash she can afford to give away.

"A lot of people who are trapped in low-level jobs owned by big corporations, they're the people who need to keep every penny," says Stanger.

That's why Stanger decided to turn Black Friday into her own personal charity shift at the strip club, in an unironic nod to the working class holiday of desperate consumption. Stanger calls her fundraising effort #Thanksstripping, and she’s been promoting it on Instagram, Tumblr and Facebook. On that night, 100 percent of Stanger’s stage tips will go to Planned Parenthood. Most of her clients share her political views, she says, and find it "horrifying" that Trump and Pence have hinted at defunding Planned Parenthood. Even though #Thanksstripping is a week away, she says, it’s already catching on.

"I already had one person hand me $100 on my shift last week—he said he’ll be out of town but said he wanted to contribute," Stanger says. "Other women around the country asked if they can use the hashtag and do the same thing."

You can read the full article here.

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