Enjoy these useful resources regarding non-monogamy, BDSM and all sorts of things discussed on the Strange Bedfellows Podcast.


Connective Therapy Services - Your Portland therapy resource for queer, kinky and working humans.

SubRosaPDX - A venue owned by dominatrixes, available for event rental, and which offers regular classes and workshops by registration.

Vida Integrative Clinic - Salem Oregon - A holistic and medical clinic that keeps sexual health in mind of your whole-body health.

Dr. Evelin Dacker - Our sex-positive doc with an upcoming TedX talk, learn about her discussion model for discussing your status, turn-ons and more.

SpeecPDX - A sex-positive event and education center.

Q Center - An LGBTQI-focused event and education center.


Thriving in Sex Work - Former sworker Lola Davina's uplifting guide of practices and tips to maximize your income, and to manage your safety and self care is invaluable.

Sex Work Matters - A resource guide for any researcher or sex worker or civilian who wants more study-driven data and info on sex work.

Girl Sex 101 - For cis and trans women and the people who love them and love to give them pleasure.

Tongue Tied: Untangling Communication In Sex, Kink, and Relationships - Written by sex coach Stella Harris, uses simple language to help with complex and common issues.

Fucking Trans Women - A great big zine written by Mira Bellweather, by-and-for trans women, to teach you about bodily functions and concepts that trans people and their partners might encounter.

Sex Is A Funny Word: A Book About Bodies, Relationships And YOU - A widely recommended children's sex-ed book.

Cleis Press - A longtime sex-positive publisher of erotica, especially for the LGBTQ reader.

SM 101 - Jay Wiseman - The best book for BDSM beginners AND "experts."

The Ethical Slut - Janet Hardy - This is necessary book if you have non-monogamy questions.

Opening Up - Tristan Taormino - If you’re wanting a primer for non-monogamy.

Modern Sexuality - Dr Aaron Michael - Easy reading and radical information.

Perv - Jesse Bering - Elle loves this book.

The Ultimate Guide to Sex and Disability - Silverberg, Odette & Kaufmann - Referred to Elle by Joli

The Five Love Languages - Gary Chapman - Orchid swears this will improve your partner-communication.


Sex Positive Families - A major hub for parenting resources.

Portland Bad Date Line - A compiled report of violence upon sex workers (via Facebook), updated monthly.

SIECUS.ORG - The Sexuality Information Education Council of the United States is a great master resource. - A website that is built for teens and adolescents, but great for curious bodies and brains of all ages. - A resource for male survivors of sexual violence. - This lady has even more resources for in-depth Jungian based psychology practices that can strengthen your relationships with self and others, and just great sex education resources. - Compiled studies and stories of women's nuances sexuality and sexual responses, this site is a handy tool for women or couples looking to expand their knowledge around her intimate workings.

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