Is Today’s Misogyny a ’Different, Darker Animal,’ or More of Same ’ol Sexism? (Portland Tribune)


Recently, the Portland Tribune ran an in-depth story on misogyny in the current political and social climate. Elle Stanger was quoted throughout the article, here is a snippet:

Stanger doesn’t see much of a difference between sexism and misogyny. "It (misogyny) sounds a little more sophisticated, but it’s the same concept," she says. "If you’re a sexist you’re probably a misogynist.

"Since I was a tiny little kid, I knew I was being targeted with disdain," she says. "I was targeted for violence, sexual violence and physical violence, because I am a girl."

Recently Stanger bought a new home. During a final run-through, she was aware the home inspector would not look her in the eye or speak to her. All his words were directed to her male Realtor until she stepped in and firmly shook the inspector’s hand, asserting herself.

"Here’s the difference between sexism and misogyny," Stanger says. "The inspector that wouldn’t look me in the eye until I asserted myself? That’s sexism. The tile contractor who, when I would ask him a simple question, was snarky and pointlessly rude to the point where I felt he was threatening me because of my gender? Later his boss told me (the contractor) couldn’t stop staring at me because he thought I was hot. That’s misogyny."

You can read the full article here.

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