The PornHub Podcast With Asa Akira (Stitcher)

August 24, 2020


I joined Asa Akira on her show, and here’s what she said about me:

"Elle Stanger (aka @StripperWriter) is a sex educator, stripper, a writer, a mom, an activist, and social media celebrity...Some of the things she’s written about sex, motherhood, and sex work have changed my life—I’ve been wanting to get her on the @Pornhub Podcast for a while now, and I was so excited to interview her. Why is there so much shame around masturbating, when literally everybody does it? How can we better communicate with sex partners? Can shy people be strippers? (Yes.) Is Elle a narc? (LOL NO.) Is there such a thing as sexwork hierarchy? Which is the most fulfilling form of sexwork? Which is the hardest? Is there infighting in activism? In sexwork? Also... (read more)

A Stripper, A Felon, And A Rapper Walk Into A Podcast... (Okay America)

July 31, 2020


Join us on my second visit to Okay America podcast, this episode hosted by Dr. Phil Dembo. We approach the topic of "benign bias," and how prior experiences can shape or color our perspective of events. It’s a cerebral one... (read more)

Staying Home w/ Josh Fox - Podcast Featuring Elle & Merrick Deville (TYT)

July 8, 2020


Award-winning filmmaker Josh Fox talks with us about patriarchy and how it relates to the New Green Deal. Josh is an environmentalist at heart and so Merrick Deville and I discussed polyamory, pornmaking, community based interactions and toxic masculinity. He asked for an important discussion on the rights and advocacy of sex workers and sex work, see us at (read more)

Feelin’ Nipply - Clip Available Now (Camsoda)

June 27, 2020


See this short and very affordable clip where I play with some nipple clamps. And my next solo show will feature ice cubes on July 11th, 7-8pm PST. See ya at! ... (read more)

Okay, America #6: Let’s Talk About Sex

June 26, 2020


Dr. Phil Dembo, Juliet Lemar and Dr. Bee Thomas offered me time to talk about stigmas around intimacy, and self acceptance. I had a really nice time and only corrected the host’s language once. I hope they have me back. See the episode on their website, Apple podcasts on iTunes, and here's their IG.... (read more)

B.A.D Kickstarter (Kickstarter)

June 25, 2020


Nude women and nonbinary models are featured in this ‘round the world project by two Italian gals. Beautiful and Determined is still planning for release despite COVID slowdowns! See their story and more photos here! Shot by Alessandra Tisato and Erika Figabomba... (read more)

Where’s This Going Podcast - Felix Levine + Elle

June 20, 2020


I talk about sex work and personal issues on episode 41 of this show, available on Youtube and Apple podcasts... (read more)

#PDXStripperStrike (Instagram)

June 16, 2020


A Black-led coalition of Portland strippers is asking that local clubs make some changes to their staffing, managing and booking processes and has a few demands. Though not part of a union, the movement has already attracted approximately half of the stripclubs in this area... (read more)

June 13th Duo Sex Show with Snake Lady (Camsoda)

June 7, 2020


Join us at my webcam page on Saturday, June 13th 6-7pm PST. I have faster internet and my strap on! I'm SO ready to play with my ladyfriend, and you can watch, and help direct the scene with vibrator control and spin-the-wheel options from afar. See ya there...

Sexting Tips (Vice)

May 22, 2020


I give guidance for sexting and digital flirting. Disclaimer: I thought their "rubbish" example was cute! ... (read more)

Gwyneth Paltrow: Yoni Destroyer (I Read A Thing)

May 21, 2020


Join me on I Read A Thing Podcast to discuss a crotch steaming, a thing that might be dangerous if you’re using an IUD, or pregnant... (read more)

Distant Voices - Willamette Week Interview (Willamette Week)

May 12, 2020


Stanger has no problem telling her 8-year-old daughter what she does for a living: "When she was little, I would drive by the strip club and say, ’This is the building where mommy dances for money.’"... (read more)

Cockpumping & M/F/F Porn (Camsoda)

April 1, 2020


Have you checked out my erotica clips yet? Newly added is a cockpumping and oral video, available on Check that URL for newly updated videos every few weeks.

Albert Lee For Congress 2020 (Vimeo)

March 23, 2020


I participated in an Oregon campaign video to elect a progressive guy named Albert Lee, who focuses on worker’s rights and equality for all. See if you find other familiar Portland faces in this video... (read more)

Elle On Let’s Go There Podcast (Radio Dot Com)

February 25, 2020


Elle joins Ryan and Shira to give her take on one man’s question about his burning desire for his provider, Elle is introduced at 57:32... (read more)

JLo’s Super Bowl Pole Dance Was Cringeworthy to Many Real Strippers: Here’s Why (Huffington Post)

February 6, 2020


...and at a time when strippers are more stigmatized and threatened by bad legislation and media. In case you missed it, actor, singer and celebrity Jennifer Lopez briefly performed a beginner’s pole dance during Sunday’s Super Bowl halftime show, when she ascended fairly gracefully upon a slowly spinning pole, and then held two poses while lip-syncing... (read more)

Sex And Disability: Resources For Physically Disabled Folks (Confluence)

February 5, 2020


I am a regular sex education contributor to Confluence but was woefully unprepared to discuss the topic due to my own lack of knowledge or experience as an able-bodied person, and thusly I outsourced for this inquiry. I’d like to thank Katherine Harlow for writing the following and sharing these resources... (read more)

PDXXX Strippers Keep It Weird (Here Magazine)

February 1, 2020


In this article from Here Magazine A few local strippers are interviewed, I*rsquo;m incorrectly labeled as a licensed sex educator (I’m a "certified sex educator"). Meet Viva Las Vegas, Cloud, and Sandria Dore in this piece too... (read more)

The Best Condoms for Every Shape, Size And Proclivity (NY Mag)

January 23, 2020


Want something thicker? Thinner? Skinnier? Vegan? What about for oral sex? Check this hotlist here and see if you can find my recommendation for smaller dicks... (read more)

New! Lezbian Sex Video Available (Camsoda)

January 5, 2020


I invited my real-life girlfriend Johanna over for a second webcam session on If you missed the live show, you can still purchase a 20 minute clip of the highlights, here. I have solo vids too, if that’s more your speed. Enjoy and please rate me well : )

Book Me For A Shout-Out Or Breakup Or Love Message! (Cameo)

December 19, 2019


I’m available to send a personalized message to your sweetie or loved one (or enemy?) via Cameo website and app. It’s secure and affordable and SFW. Let's make something fun!

The Wrong Fight: How New Sex Trafficking Laws Are Threatening Sex Education And Therapy

December 6, 2019


This one-hour webinar is available for $25 for non-students and will help explain how prostitution laws create harm, and the impacts of recent legislation FOSTA and SESTA. Worth 1 AASECT-approved CE for students of sex therapy and sex education.

Click here to visit the webinar.

Thanks to ISEE for hosting this.

CBSN Originals: How Porn Is Affecting Kids (CBS News)

November 27, 2019


I give commentary on the motivations behind my own DIY porn, and this episode explores how damaging it can be when teenagers mimic pornography in their exploration of sex, without consent or discussion between each other... (read more)

Facefucking Solo Clips (Camsoda)

December 17, 2019


I had a nice time getting rough with myself and lovingly sucking my dicks. Clips are available on Be sure to check out my next gay-girl sex show with Snake Lady on Saturday, December 21st at 6-7pm PST.

Savage Lovecast: Elle On FOSTA (The Stranger)

November 17, 2019


I joined Dan Savage on his Nov. 19th episode of Savage Lovecast to discuss the impacts of FOSTA and SESTA on sex workers and the victims of trafficking the laws were purportedly created to help... (read more)

People Who Bleed (Annares Project)

October 26, 2019


Many assigned-female-at-birth (AFAB) children are pushed into liking pink and flowers from the time they are born, so when you base an entire identity around gender roles, it’s going to be very upsetting for people who have strongly attached to those roles... (read more)

Better Bangin’ 101 - Elle On BroAum Podcast

October 23, 2019


I give hosts Joe and Ben some guidance on communication...and sex tips... (read more)

University Of Nebraska Research Study: Adult Children Of Exotic Dancers

October 20, 2019


Research study seeking participants: was your mother/step-mom a stripper during your childhood/youth? Talk to Sarah Erwin, who is the researcher and an adult child of a stripper. Sarah is studying this because nobody ever has; participants can enter to win a $25 gift card. Do it for science... (read more)

Elle On Stripper Whisperer Podcast With Comedian Cory Michaelis

September 17, 2019


Comedian Cory Michaelis does his first stripper interview with Elle Stanger, me! Listen to me explain to a regular ol' Guy Next Door about strip club ettiquette and sex ed... (read more)

Girl/Girl Sex Show! (Camsoda)


Thanks to everyone who watched @dancin_snake_lady and myself make sweet gay love on last Saturday. A 25-minute clip is available now and check out my solo media if you've not watched it already.

Slutwalk Portland 2019 Presents: Voices In Action!


This year, myself and comic Jenna Vesper are hosting a variety show of pole dancers, comedians, musicians and vendors, Sunday, September 8 at Star Theater and to benefit the Sexual Assault Resource Center in Beaverton, Oregon... (read more)

Strippers Are Doing It For Themselves (New York Times)

July 24, 2019


This lengthy article investigates the bevy of ways that government and club organizations have hurt strippers while we try to get by with our work AND it details the multitude of methods we are using to reclaim some ability and power... (read more)

Buy My Camsoda Clips! (Camsoda)


Did you know you can purchase media from my webcam feature shows? Visit ( to browse my available masturbation and solo play clips.

Parenting And Sexuality (Wash Your Mouth Out Podcast)

May 31, 2019


How do you talk to kids when they find sex toys? How does a stripper or porn star talk to a child about their work? How do you navigate "What does your mom do for a living?" What is it like to have a postpartum body as a stripper? Elle Stanger answers these questions and more. She is a mom, sex worker and writer and the host of Strange Bedfellows Podcast out of Portland, OR... (read more)

Let’s Go There: Sex Workers Against The Government On The Radio

April 19, 2019


Channel Q Radio wanted to learn about FOSTA; the hosts mistakenly state in the beginning the episode that FOSTA had positive and negative impacts for people in the sex industry and for individuals impacted by trafficking. I was happy to clarify and hang with Shira and Ryan, too... (read more)

RE: ’Elle Stanger Is A Racist‘

April 23, 2019


In regards to some accusations that exist online, I’ve published here my attempt to address the libelous and horrifying claims that some misguided Portland (and online stranger) people have been disseminating for the last few years... (read more)

Technology To Use/Avoid For Sex Workers In A Post-FOSTA/SESTA Era

April 15, 2019


A close friend and tech expert created this document for people to protect their privacy, work more safely, and avoid shutdown or prosecution by entities that criminalize consensual touch between adults. Feel free to share the information... (read more)

Slixa $10,000 Essay Contest (Due Jan 14)

January 4, 2019


Slixa is a provider website; one of my escort friends uses it and she shared this contest with me. Even if the date has passed by the time you read this, I wanted to boost this company and their platform and their charity contest... (read more)

The Marcus Show Features Slutwalk 2018

December 31, 2018


A local blogger and videographer named Marcus Ward hosts a collection of recorded events that happened in Portland, and here's his mashup of our 2018 event... (read more)

Facebook Use For Sex Workers Is Changing Again

December 28, 2018


I received this info from a contact and fellow sworker via Facebook. They said that they have a contact who works for The Zucc in this arena... (read more)

A Podcast For Living With Positive STI Status

November 28, 2018


I’m in episode 51 of "Something Positive For Positive People" podcast to talk about my own experiences with chlamydia, HPV and shame... (read more)

(Updated) CamSoda Featured WebCam! - November 24 at 8pm EST

November 25, 2018


I was a CamSoda featured show on November 24th at 8-9pm EST. I stretched, giggled awkwardly and enjoyed my body with the company of a graciously tipping audience. If you kissed it you can still follow this safe link to view my page and purchase my previously recorded content exclusive to CamSoda.

Interview With Ava Hennessy

September 23, 2018


I was recently interviewed by Ava Hennessy. You can read the entire interview here... (read more)

KPFK Feminist Magazine Radio Interview

July 31, 2018


The folks at this Southern California radio station were kind enough to ask me about the impacts of the bills FOSTA and SESTA... (read more)

Working Classified: Art 2 Support Sex Work Outreach Project

July 1, 2018


Myself and five other women in the sex industry have been immortalized for a good cause. Read the artist statement here, and visit his site to get your own... (read more)

Video: Elle Stanger Interviewed On Black Bulb Podcast

April 24, 2018


Join me in talking how to navigate mental health and a taboo industry (pre-FOSTA) with Black Bulb Creative Podcast... (read more)

Sex Experts Tell Us Exactly How To Make Our Sex Lives Better (Uproxx)

April 5, 2018


One of the internet's most viewed publications, Uproxx, recently turned to women who know sex for some solid, practical sex advice. Of course, Elle was among the many women featured in the piece. Check it out... (read more)

Why Pole Dancers Should Care About FOSTA-SESTA (Interview w/ Pole Positive)

May 10, 2018


In July 2019, Instagram began hiding and banning pole dance related videos and the #NotAStripper community has lost it’s mind blaming strippers—here in this 2018 interview, I predict the fallout that FOSTA would have on social media for people other than sex workers. Here is a portion of the interview... (read more)

Video: Being A Sex Worker Makes Me A Better Mum (Barcroft TV)

February 1, 2018


In this video, I (Elle) allowed the world to peek into my personal life because I know that my work has value and because I have become a better person and parent because of it. I thank Barcroft TV for handling my privacy concerns with the utmost respect... (read more)

Exotic Dancing In The Digital Age (Medium)

January 26, 2018


Elle and other hustling strippers explain some of the challenges of working in the digital age, as told by Kevin Knodell... (read more)

‘Louis C.K. Could Have Hired A Sex Worker’ Is A Lazy, Dangerous Argument (Daily Dot)

November 16, 2017


The Daily Dot recently ran an article titled ‘Louis C.K. Could Have Hired A Sex Worker’ Is A Lazy, Dangerous Argument. In it, Elle was quoted as follows... (read more)

Video: Elle Interviewed For Evolution Of Pole Dancing Website

July 29, 2017


In this video interview, Elle Stanger talks about her relationship with pole dancing, the #NotAStripper hashtag, and how recreational pole dancers (and people in general) can become better allies to strippers... (read more)

Body Chain (Unbound)

May 25, 2017


Elle's latest prose has been featured at Unbound, a magzine started by "a group of New York City gals who wanted to make sex better for women." Here is Body Chain... (read more)

How Sex Workers Are Fighting Back Against Trump (Rolling Stone)

November 23, 2016


Recently, the Rolling Stone covered the topic of sex workers responding to Trump's presidential win. Of course, Elle Stanger was quoted in the article... (read more)

Is Today’s Misogyny a ’Different, Darker Animal,’ or More of Same ’ol Sexism? (Portland Tribune)

June 21, 2016


Recently, the Portland Tribune ran an in-depth story on misogyny in the current political and social climate. Elle Stanger was quoted throughout the article... (read more)

Event: Tits & Sass 5 Year Anniversary Party! (Sunday, 3/13 /15)

February 24, 2016


Join Tits and Sass co-founders Catherine Plato, Charlotte Shane, and Susan Elizabeth Shepard—with special guest, prolific and beloved regular contributor Elle Lynn Stanger, and noted bad girl made good Alana Massey—for an evening of reading, mingling, and question-answering at Portland’s fabled feminist bookstore, In Other Words... (read more)

Strippers Talk Back to the Hashtag #NotAStripper (Daily Dot)

January 1, 2016


As the art of pole dance has moved from the strip club stage to exercise studios and international competitions, "polers" have flooded social media with photos and videos of impressive, sometimes death-defying acrobatic tricks. But many in the pole dance world don’t appreciate its sex industry roots—and with an increasing division between the hobbyists and the pros... (read more)

One of Portland’s Premier Strippers Presents a Very Special Thanksgiving Charity (Henry Miller)

November 25, 2015


Elle's efforts to turn stripping into charity money (which were quite successful) did not go unnoticed, check out this cool write-up from Portland author Henry Latourette Miller's website... (read more)

You've Never Been to Portland Until You've Been to One of its Strip Clubs. Here's Why... (Matador Network)

November 3, 2015

Online lifestyle magazine The Matador Network just wrote up a piece about how unique the Portland strip club experience is. Here's a quote from the article... (read more)

Political Pole: A Campaign For Workplace Rights Turns Strippers Against Each Other (Willamette Week)

August 11, 2015

Portland's most upstanding alternative weekly newspaper, The Willamette Week, recently featured a write-up on the saga of dancers visiting Salem, OR to lobby for the "stripper legislation," aka a hotline... (read more)

Interview: Elle Stanger (About Face)

July 10, 2015

Portland's interview magazine, About Face, recently spoke with Elle regarding how she got became involved with lobbying for Oregon's recent stripper legislation, the stigma associated with... (read more)

A Stripper’s Crusade to Improve Dancers’ Working Conditions (Salon)

February 06, 2015

The good folks at Salon just caught up with Elle regarding her adventures with legislation, the state capitol and all sorts of things regarding the Erotic Muses' crusade to improve entertainer's rights. Peep deets... (read more)

How This Dancer from Portland is Trying to Help (Photo Gallery on Everyjoe)

February 02, 2015

Elle's conquest to make sure that legislation protecting Oregon's nude entertainers is being covered by all sorts of outlets, ranging from news sites to blogs. The latest entry comes complete with a photo spread... (read more)

Oregon Strippers to Lobby Legislature for Better Working Conditions (Jezebel)

February 02, 2015

Everyone's favorite feminist news site has just joined the ranks of the dozens of media outlets who have been consulting with the Erotic Muse herself, Elle Stanger, in regards to the proposed Oregon... (read more)

Strippers Lobby for Better Work Conditions (Yahoo)

February 02, 2015

The latest publication to pick up the story regarding rights for strip club industry workers (and the steps being taken by Elle, and others, to draft legislation) is none other than Yahoo News... (read more)

Photoshoot: Casper Suicide a.k.a. Elle (Inked Magazine)

October. 26, 2014

Casper Suicide (Elle) is a featured model in Inked Magazine, a publication that celebrates the tattooed and the talented. Check out her photoshoot by photographer Sarah Pardini... (read more)

Legislators Ask Exotic Dancers for Help With Strip Club Bill (Dailybeast)

October 06, 2014

Elle was just quoted in an article regarding, you guessed it, Portland strippers. This time, it’s addressing the drafting of legislation that would regulate the Portland strip club industry... (read more)

A Burlesquer’s Guide to Rose City Strip Clubs (Burlesque Seattle)

August 07, 2014

When writer Crystal Tassels visited Portland, she reported on her favorite clubs, including Elle’s own stomping grounds, Lucky Devil... (read more)

Elle Stanger in Oh Joy, Sex Toy Comic (OJST)

July 22, 2014

Oh Joy, Sex Toy (OJST) is a "weekly comic that debuted April 2013 and updates every Tuesday to bring you reviews of everything that relates to sex, sexuality and the sex industry... (read more)

18 Ways to Seriously Anger a Stripper (Thrillist)

February 22, 2014

There are plenty of ways to get on a stripper’s bad side. Recently, Andy Kryza from consulted with Elle to help readers understand what they can do to piss off (or rather, not piss off) a topless dancer... (read more)

Elle and Others Taste Test Romantic Aids (Thrillist)

February 12, 20144

Andy Kryza from thrillist has assembled a team of top-notch scientists (or at least folks from the sex industry) for a focus group on flavored/edible sex products, and Elle is one of the... (read more)