You’ve Never Been to Portland Until You’ve Been to One of its Strip Clubs. Here’s Why. (Matador Network)


Online lifestyle magazine The Matador Network just wrote up a piece about how unique the Portland strip club experience is. Here's a quote from the article:

In a recent article that Stanger submitted to the United Nations Population Fund for World Sexual Health Day, tellingly titled I’m A Sex Worker And I Experience More Harassment As A Civilian, she wrote about the ways she is treated as a stripper inside a club versus as a woman on the street:

"When I compare civilian life to the interactions with hundreds of intoxicated strangers in a highly stigmatized industry, my amount of negative experiences in the strip club pale in comparison..."

"The fact is: women are treated as objects throughout the world. The other fact is: people are surprised when they learn that a stripper is often treated better by her patrons than by some strangers at a bus stop.

The article was the winning entry for the 2015 Sexual Health Writing Competition.

You can read the whole article at Matador Network.

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