Oregon Strippers to Lobby Legislature for Better Working Conditions (Jezebel)


Everyone's favorite feminist news site has just joined the ranks of the dozens of media outlets who have been consulting with the Erotic Muse herself, Elle Stanger, in regards to the proposed Oregon legislation to improve workplace rights for strippers. From

Portland is notable for its zillions of strip clubs, and Willamette Week reported last week that a group of dancers and advocates have convinced State Rep. Shemia Fagan of East Portland to sponsor two bills relating to workplace safety.

Most U.S. strip clubs classify their dancers as independent contractors instead of employees, a neat little tax loophole that allows them not to pay for things like workers comp or insurance. But the coalition of Oregon dancers who plan to lobby the state - they're working with the National Association of Social Workers and two hired lobbyists to make that happen - aren't pushing to be classified as employees (most dancers prefer the contractor system, which allows for better take-home pay and more flexibility to move between clubs as desired).

Instead, according to Elle Stanger, a stripper at the Lucky Devil Lounge (and a writer for the always awesome Tits and Sass), they're working on more basic requirements. Stanger told the Associated Press that one of the more pressing issues at clubs is basic maintenance: "Some of the buildings are literally dilapidated and not maintained. You have entertainers that could injure themselves from broken glass on the stage, poor wiring with the sound system. We just want to get these workplaces up to a minimum safety standard at least."

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