Portland Toy Company Interview (PDXScene)

June 13, 2019


Sex toys...the words are often tossed about with a giggle, a smirk, or a whisper. Many people buy them, use them, wonder about them. Squishy phalluses made national headlines two years ago when they began appearing on Portland’s telephone poles, a prank that delighted or horrified onlookers, depending on who you asked. Batteries aside, phallic and non phallic objects created intending to plug or pleasure have existed for eons—the oldest studied dildo dates back to 28,000 years. The shame around penetration may be a relatively newer development... (read more)

Conversations With A Doctor: Interview With Dr. Evelin Dacker (Confluence)

June 13, 2019


Dr. Evelin Dacker has been a healthcare provider for twenty-four years, and she has some big plans for the future of sexual health in America. Today, this sex-positive doc with a TEDx talk tells us why herpes is the new chicken pox, how sex-workers are healers, and why your doctor might be motivated to overprescribe... (read more)

Let’s Talk About Sexual Healing—An Interview with Renee Stills

January 16, 2017


Have you ever cried after sex or during yoga class? How do we talk about the trauma that exists in our bodies?... (read more)

Puncturing the Lace Ceiling: An Interview with Nadia Lockheart

June 3, 2017


An interview with Nadia Lockheart, fashion and lifestyle model from Portland... (read more)

Elle Interviews Chris Ettrick

April 18, 2017


I first met Chris Ettrick in a venue dressing room. He towered over me, sipping tequila through a straw, and running a hand through his hair. For someone in his early twenties, I was struck by his cool demeanor and cunty quips. Ettrick is surely going to leave a lasting impression on comedy, and I asked the student-comedian-pole dance instructor-diva to give me insight into why and how he performs such self-deprecating jokes with grace... (read more)

Sidewalk Messiah William Perk Saves Portland From Hell

February 1, 2017


Even if you’ve heard of the "Save Portland From Hell" guy, you perhaps have never met William, the man behind the pit-stained t-shirts and scrawled-signs. "Jake" first appeared in front of strip clubs and on street corners in 2014 as a mouth-breathing, mid-thirties virgin, and sidewalk evangelist... (read more)

Portland Detective Speaks on "Black Lives Matter" and More

April 19, 2016


He’s white, he’s middle aged, and he’s a cop. Some of you hate him already. I was fortunate to meet the affable Detective Brendan McGuire in a NE Portland coffee shop, on a sunny summer morning... (read more)

Elle Interviews Jacq the Stripper

November 2, 2015

Like so many beautiful, strange, unattainable women, I found her on Instagram. Unlike so many women, "Jacq the Stripper" is a pole dancing, customer-hustling, writer, comedian, artist and all-around smart ass, and I liked her immediately... (read more)

Elle Interviews Sophia St. James (TitsAndSass)

September 24, 2015

Sophia St James is all smiles. The former stripper and current queer pornographer, activist, and sex educator, had taken a seat on the soft couch of the quiet, NE Portland feminist bookstore... (read more)

Elle Interviews Innosanto Nagara

September 7, 2015


As a parent in Portland, Oregon, I’m constantly astounded at how many clever ways that children’s food, clothing and events can be marketed to hipster parents. There are baby boutiques like Treehouse or BeanSprout, children’s musicians like Mr. Ben and Talullah’s Daddy, kid’s coffeeshops like POA or Cafe Au Play... (read more)

Elle Interviews Justin King at Rooks Traditional Barbershop (HouseInk)

May 18, 2015


Owner, and Master Barber Justin King stands tall, his slender, heavily tattooed frame a quietly confident presence in the shop. The forty-year-old former combat veteran knows the history, politics and ethics of barbering, and King speaks succinctly, taking time to illuminate anyone on the nuances of the trade... (read more)

Elle Interviews Bonnie Rotten (Exotic Magazine)

January 01, 2015


At just twenty-one, porn actress Bonnie Rotten has stacked up an incredible litany of industry accomplishments. Winning multiple awards, such as Starlet of the Year, Scene of the Year... (read more)

What is Bike Smut?: An Interview With Poppy Cox (Tits & Sass)

June 4, 2012


I was first introduced to Poppy Cox when fellow T&S writer Kat and I attended an amateur porn film festival. Poppy’s cleverly crafted skit made an impression on us because it was one of the more explicit, yet still charming mini-films... (read more)