One of Portland’s Premier Strippers Presents a Very Special Thanksgiving Charity (Henry Latourette Miller)


Elle's efforts to turn stripping into charity money (which were quite successful) did not go unnoticed, check out this cool write-up from Portland author Henry Latourette Miller's website:

I have never heard of a stripper doing this before. What gave you the idea?

Thank you! I got the idea to do a fundraiser from tattoo artist Jasmine Wright. She recently held a raffle for her services, and the subsequent funds raised went to LGTBQ youth organizations. She’s a longtime friend, and her random generosity inspired me. Food, shelter and hygiene supplies are commodities, and yet plenty of people struggle to have these things. Tattoos and lap dances are luxury items, and so I’m thankful to be able to make my livelihood through the giving of others.

Will you be doing this by yourself, or might you try to find other strippers to join you?

I offer the hashtag "#ThanksStripping" to anyone who wants to take part or donate. I’d love to see other strippers get involved, and yet this part of the year is slow for our industry, so I’d never pressure anyone else to channel their funds elsewhere. I never tell people what to do with their money, I only offer ideas, and I welcome them from others.

You can read the whole article by clicking here.

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