Photoshoot: How This Dancer from Portland is Trying to Help (Everyjoe)


Elle's conquest to make sure that legislation protecting Oregon's nude entertainers is being covered by all sorts of outlets, ranging from news sites to blogs. The latest entry comes complete with a photo spread courtesy of

While dancers are looked down upon by many people in our society, a woman from Portland, Oregon named Elle Stanger doesn't let that fact hold her back. Not only is she trying to overcome that stigma, she's doing what she can to improve working conditions for other women in her industry.

Truth be told, she's not a classical dancer. She works at a place called Lucky Devil Lounge and she's usually naked while she's on the job - as you can see in the pictures below. But Elle Stanger doesn't care what you think about her line of work; she only cares about keeping women safe.

To do accomplish that goal, she's working with the state legislature to create standards for clubs that would ensure stages are free from debris, poles are weight-tested and that appropriate emergency plans are put in place.

You can read the whole article and see some somewhat-NSFW pictures of Elle right here.

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