The Best of Undressed Portland: A Burlesquer’s Guide to Rose City Strip Clubs (Burlesque Seattle)


When writer Crystal Tassels visited Portland, she reported on her favorite clubs, including Elle’s own stomping grounds, Lucky Devil. From Burlesque Seattle:

The dancers at Lucky Devil were social, upbeat, and extremely inspiring hustlers. (Both Press and I purchased lap dances, the only ones of the weekend, from the incomparably sexy Elle). When faced with a table of gentlemen that seemed interested in her performance but were seated back from the stage and not tipping, Elle spun up the pole and onto the counter, then strode over the rack, never once breaking eye contact with her targets.

Smirking, she swaggered to their table, took one of their beers, nearly full, and glided back to the stage. Making eye contact once again, she saluted the men, downed the entire beer, and then slid the empty glass down the deserted tip rail. The gentlemen, on their feet at this point, rushed the stage, throwing handfuls of dollar bills. Press quipped, "So she steals HIS beer, and then he pays HER. That takes talent."

You can read the whole article at Burlesque Seattle's Website.

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