If you’re interested in buying some of my ethically-made solo or partnered porn, please email for prices and payment processing information. Prices average from $25+ and feature my 6’3" cis gender, real-life partner.

"Ruff" is our roughest video, featuring a safe word disclaimer, gloves, and wrestling. (13 minutes, high resolution)

"Vegas" is a blowjob is POV style in our hotel (9 minutes)

"Elle" is a teasing and blowjob vid captured with a stationary angle in our bedroom (9minutes)

"Couch" is a stretching and smoking weed and wand-masturbation solo vid in my living room (8 minutes)

"First Fuck" video is sex at home in my bed (23 minutes, higher resolution)

"Port Angeles" video is POV sex in our dark cabin hotel (15 minutes, higher resolution)

"Glass" video is solo masturbation in high resolution with my glass wand and plug in my pussy and mouth (12 mins)

I require a photo of a state issued ID so that I may verify your adult age with NAME, DOB, ID# visible (you can block out the other info if you would like).

After payment is received, I email you a link where you can freely and safely download your content and keep it forever. If you happen to be a looner you can check out my publicly accessible balloon torture ASMR video on Videoshub. Or check out my solo clips at Thank you for supporting DIY, feminist videos.

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