Making Pole Dancing A Sport Is Offensive To Strippers (Tonic / Vice)


The internet's favorite news source, Vice, recently ran a Tonic piece about pole dancing and its potential offensiveness to professional strippers. Of course, Elle was quoted. Check it out:

"Pole is trendy, and social media has increased its visibility exponentially," says Elle Stanger, the writer and stripper who started the hashtag #YesAStripper in response to the earlier social media movement to distance pole dance from its strip-club origins. Stanger says the efforts to make pole dance more conventional "is motivated by a changing audience, because the primary demographic for anti-stripper pole dance is young, white, millennial women." Those are the women who really need everyone on Instagram to know they are #NotAStripper since they want nothing to do with the connotation that goes with the actual profession.

Stanger adds that the monetization of suburban pole studios and pole fitness classes taught by non-strippers, for example, could be driving the movement for separation from stripper culture. These owners are making money off a culture and then purposely distancing themselves from it.

You can read the whole article on Vice.

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