9 Women Get Real About Lube (Unbound)


Why use lube? Elle and eight other women explain on Unbound. Here is Elle's quote...

"I spent four years helping customers pick out and purchase lubricants while I worked in adult retail shops, and I recognized that many of our buyers exhibited shame or discomfort around their purchase. I’ve even heard women exclaim, "I don’t NEED that," as if wanting if the purchase of lubricant was indicative of some kind of inadequacy. It’s no surprise really, much of our society measures arousal by how "big or hard" erections are, and how "wet and tight" vaginas and vulvas are.

There are lots of reasons that people like to use lubricant: Did you know that prescription medication dries out some vulvas? So does stress, sickness, or just your own genetics can determine how much natural lubricant a person’s body makes on it’s own. Besides, it’s fun! People with penises and vaginas can play with silicone lube, waterbased lube, flavored, all-natural, there are so many options and many of them are body safe and ethically sourced. I like to vary my activities and the addition or subtraction of different kinds of stimulation with toys or lubes makes for a diverse and creative sex life."

You can read the whole article on Unbound.

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