The PornHub Podcast With Asa Akira (Stitcher)

I joined Asa Akira on her show, and here’s what she said about me:

"Elle Stanger (aka @StripperWriter) is a sex educator, stripper, a writer, a mom, an activist, and social media celebrity...Some of the things she’s written about sex, motherhood, and sex work have changed my life—I’ve been wanting to get her on the @Pornhub Podcast for a while now, and I was so excited to interview her. Why is there so much shame around masturbating, when literally everybody does it? How can we better communicate with sex partners? Can shy people be strippers? (Yes.) Is Elle a narc? (LOL NO.) Is there such a thing as sexwork hierarchy? Which is the most fulfilling form of sexwork? Which is the hardest? Is there infighting in activism? In sexwork? Also: in a world where consent has been so confusing, what is the importance of a safe-word, and how can we employ it non-sexually? Also also: why cancel culture is so dangerous."

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