Elle Stanger is a former-honor-student-turned-Portland-stripper. She relocated from San Diego, to Portland Oregon in 2008, where she graduated with a B.A in Criminal Justice from Portland State University. Utilizing this formal education informally, she now writes as a sex and dating columnist for, blogs on as "Casper", and has been heard on NPR, OPB, Alan Colmes Radio Show, and numerous Oregon news networks.

In 2015, Elle was the poster girl for a small team of legislators and entertainers, who made history when Governor Kate Brown passed HB 3059, a bi-partisan supported bill which created resources for live entertainers across the state of Oregon. She is co-organizer of "Portland Slutwalk," which demonstrates against rape-culture and victim blaming. She is the proud winner of 2015 World Sexual Health Day’s Writing Contest.

Elle is also local award-winning entertainer and infamous smart-ass. She was named "Portland's Sexiest Female Sex Worker" in Mercury Magazine, featured in Hustler Magazine and quoted in Redbook. Complex Magazine named Elle Stanger one of "25 Hottest Strippers on Instagram."

As the Erotic Muse, Elle Stanger is a feminism and sex work activist and, in the daylight, you'll find her supporting Planned Parenthood rallies and munching on organic food. Elle is the proud mother of a poodle named Lux Interior, and she thinks that if you wear a suit to a strip club, you deserve to be hustled.

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